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Design study – Planning/Engineering

Design study

The harmonization between aesthetics and technical construction problems are the first elements of analysis that are on the bases of the structuring of each product.

Baggiotech and Carpentech thanks the collaboration with major design studios and architects of the field, sets up the essential elements for the construction of new elements with the target to hit the aesthetic factor in a mechanical construction.

Planning – engineering

Our technical department is at the disposal of the customer since the beginning of the project, both in cooperation and in assist of the designers. For the purpose an advance program, the CAD 3D Creo 3.0 Pro/ENGINEER, is used to create components and parts, both solid and sheet metal, for the construction of sets, engineering with welded components, drafting of all necessary documentation and technical drawings for final production.

Everything is provided in the most extensive way with all industrial standards, direct and non-direct data translators, from and for Creo using the most widespread CAD systems in order to use the drawing data and drawings again.

The result is fast and sure, the automatic development permits an immediate planning of the following working phases, without mistakes. The automatic creation of the BOM permits a perfect control of all the components, both in productive phase and in the purchasing one. Any eventual review from the starting project is managed with the parametric system, that guarantee the updating to all the levels of the production.

Images of Engineering and Planning

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